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I introduce myself:
I'm Agnese Mautone


I want to start this virtual experience with Dan Millman's words taken from his bookThe Way of the Peaceful Warrior. A book, a story, many messages that are always true, always feasible.

Where are you? Here

What time is it? Now

What are you? This moment

Simply the invitation is to be present in the moment. Always.


How did I form?


After 3 years ofShiatsu Nima Vocational School, 4 years of assistance to the MastersNino Martinelli AndLuigina Fortis, it was natural to continue updating and attending courses complementary to shiatsu:


  • Shiatsu for fertility and menopause, pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Biodynamic touch and hints of sacral skull

  • Autogenic training master

  • Master yoga, remedial gymnastics, breathing and meditation

  • Chromotherapy, energy cleansing, chakras

  • Radionics, dowsing and kinesiology


Up to the most recent exploration of the understanding of3 Principles.


When the whole world stood still (2020/2021) suspended in the uncertainty of the future, I graduateAstanga Yoga Teacher 200 hours at Abhinam Yoga School India.

I regularly attend training and personal growth courses that invite me to stay within myself to create what looks in the direction of my mission.

Why do I do this?


Thanks to the path of the 3 Principi Italia school I have developed and continue to develop a listeningauthentic and profound which leads me to practice this profession in a unique way.

Uke(the customer) is welcomed into a space that represents me and is created to give him a unique experience.

I do this because my client testimonials suggest to me that theresultand theanswer.


My values are:

  • Go beyond the limits of technique, without deception and without delay

  • Listen free from judgement

  • Always wanting the customer's good and declaring it honestly and authentically


My impossible dream is to eliminate human suffering: physical, mental, spiritual.
What would it be like if with each treatment I got closer and closer to this vision? How many people could benefit from my work, my passion, my deep listening?

I explore with the curiosity of a child and let myself be surprised by the possibilities.


My mission is for people to "feel" and my motto was born from this dream: "a silent hand comes more than a thousand words".

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