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Stay Shiatsu

I observe, I listen, I answer

​A silent hand
speaks more than
 a thousand words

Discover the StayShiatsu method


Agnes Mautone

it's said

Peasant roots guide me to stay (STAY), observe, listen and feel Nature. 

I have always felt that every person has a seed within them that only needs fertile soil, right nourishment and balance in harmony with Life. 

Through the magical power of touch (SHIATSU), I wish to help people  to cultivate that seed.

Stay Shiatsu cultivates the soil of health. 

Stay Shiatsu
Stay Shiatsu

The method



It is a set of techniques that start from Shiatsu and pass through Autogenic Training, Meditation, Chromotherapy, Biodynamic Touch, Radionics/ Radiesthesia, Kinesiology, Yoga, Corrective Gymnastics, hints of Cranio Sacral, Moxa and Cupping until you come to an understanding of the 3 Principles.

It is the result of my studies, life and experiences on myself which today merge into a unique path designed for each individual to bring the body back to its psycho-physical balance. 

Shiatsu is being present, listening and responding in every moment of life to what emerges while keeping the technique constant, perpendicular and relaxed.


Shiatsu pregnancy and breastfeeding


Even in the first three months of pregnancy it is a fantastic resource that accompanies the mother in all 9 months, strengthens the relationship with her baby, where he grows strong and healthy in balanced soil.  


Shiatsu infertility and menopause


In women it promotes the quality of the oocytes, harmonizes the menstrual cycle, improves the psychophysical state. It greatly lowers stress which is often the cause of infertility of both sexes.

They say about Stay Shiatsu


My Clients tell me that the result is the "answer".



Insights, advice and techniques to improve your physical and mental well-being

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