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The StayShiatsu world

Let's find out what it is


What is it for?


STAY SHIATSU treatments they remove the blocks that prevent the individual from being in balance and are a valid support to medical therapy, amplifying its benefits and reducing side effects.

Shiatsu is recommended in situations ofstress, insomnia, joint and neck pain, muscle tension, blood and/or lymphatic circulation disorders, headache, digestive disorders, menstrual disorders, idiopathic causes of infertility, reduces recovery times after trauma and illness.

Shiatsu is deep relaxation.

Is it for everyone?


A method designed for all people who want to feel better in a unique and long-lasting way.

A technique dedicated to pregnant women who feel the weight and discomfort of body transformation, a valid aid to enjoy the presence of the unborn child and to women seeking pregnancy to prepare the fertile and harmonious ground for Life. Particular attention for the elderly, useful for conserving energy to support mobility and to preserve mind/cognitive activities.

A relaxed body generates a clear mind:for all those who have to make important and effective decisions every day, such as entrepreneurs and freelancers.


Where is it practiced?


In my studio I have created a comfortable, welcoming and bright space. The treatment is practiced clothes and on the floor (futon). The thumbs/hands  (rarely knees) press on specific points distributed along lines called Meridians, the same as in acupuncture.

Whenever possible, Shiatsu can also be practiced at home, or in hospitals and nursing homes, while sitting on a chair, armchair or in bed.

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