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Sunflower in Bloom: A Testimonial of Shiatsu's Magnificent Benefits

woman smile with shiatsu benefits

My approach to shiatsu has always been positive because it aligns with my lifestyle and mindset. My only concern in receiving it was for various health issues, but in reality, it is only bringing me benefits (and I can say GREAT BENEFITS).

I no longer feel heaviness in my legs, I no longer have as many back and neck pains, it is also helping me with cellulite, and it helps me meditate.

When I receive Shiatsu, it's like I'm a sunflower in bloom, a new rebirth in search of light, and it's magnificent.

That's why I recommend it and will continue to do so to all my acquaintances.

Every time I talk about Shiatsu to someone, I don't just talk about it but also about Agnese because she creates a very intimate and comfortable relationship, as if she were there specifically to cradle and transport the mind and body into a state of well-being, tranquility without any discomfort, and that's one of the most important things.

I really wish Shiatsu benefits for all.

Giorgia Iacchini


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