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Servizi StayShiatsu


Osservo in modo attento, Ascolto in modo profondo e Rispondo in base alle esigenze del cliente.

  • Shiatsu pregnancy and breastfeeding
    Even in the first three months of pregnancy it is a fantastic resource that accompanies the mother in all 9 months, strengthens the relationship with her baby, where in a balanced soil it grows strong and healthy.
  • Shiatsu infertility and menopause
    In women it promotes the quality of the oocytes, harmonizes the menstrual cycle, improves the psychophysical state. Significantly lowers stress which is often the cause of infertility of both sexes.
  • Shiatsu for the elderly
    The watchword is prevention. Every single pressure creates the interweaving of connections and the whole cognitive system derives an enormous benefit from it: attention, memory, clarity are freed and rebalanced.
  • Shiatsu for children
    Keep the body and mind connected and vice versa to facilitate the constant change of growth of children. Pressures instill confidence and awareness of how much innate strength there is within each of us.
  • Shiatsu for sportsmen
    Improves muscle elasticity, mobilizes joints, even painful ones, reduces recovery times after trauma and training stress. He is a natural doping agent to face competitions and challenges.
  • Shiatsu and moxa
    One of the most widespread forms of healing in the East, through heat it relieves pain using the same points and lines (meridians) of acupuncture. Very effective for unblocking chronic situations.
  • Shiatsu and cupping
    Helps in the treatment of pain, deep muscle scar tissue, connective tissue, muscle knots and swelling, muscle contractures typical of athletes but not only.
  • Shiatsu in pairs
    A new opportunity, regenerating for body and mind, a real recharge, a journey into a parallel dimension of calm, peace and serenity where you can stay connected to your partner with discretion and sincere participation of all. This service must be agreed before the purchase in order to offer the maximum benefit for the couple and is only for 120 minutes.
  • Shiatsu, energy cleansing and chakras
    We are energy and so is the space around us. The physical, etheric, emotional and mental space is influenced by this subtle aura. Cleaning with the use of colors and more impacts harmoniously on all systems.
  • Shiatsu and posture
    The pressures of shiatsu relax muscles and tendons by lengthening the limbs. Naturally the body finds its right space and attitude. A constant, simple job with surprising results.
  • Shiatsu and breath
    Most people have incorrect respiratory activity, short breaths, shortness of breath affect the mood more than any thought. It is possible to use the diaphragm and the abdomen extensively to calm the nervous system.
  • Shiatsu and autogenic training
    When, together with the pressures of shiatsu, the right words lead to deep relaxation, you enter a space totally disconnected from everyday life to regenerate yourself in a profound and lasting way.
  • Shiatsu and hints of sacral skull
    An extremely soft touch to connect to the Primary Respiratory Mechanism. Observation and touch of the skull, pelvis, feet to complete the Shiatsu pressures.
  • Thai Massage Face and Head
    Relax and revitalize your face and head with Thai massage. This ancient therapeutic technique promotes relaxation of the facial muscles, relieves accumulated tension and stress, improves circulation and gives a feeling of freshness and luminosity to the skin. 30 minutes.
  • Thai Foot Massage
    A revitalizing touch for your feet: immerse yourself in the enchantment of Thai Massage. Treat yourself to a regenerating break and let the expert hands dissolve tensions, stimulate circulation and transport you towards total energy balance. 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Yoga (breath and movement)
    How to activate the whole body by working each single joint harmoniously and effortlessly, to recover elasticity in a simple and incredibly functional way. Meridian Stretching. Ashtanga Yoga first beginner series. Suitable for everyone.
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