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Discover the Lasting Benefits of Shiatsu: Relaxation and Wellbeing for Mind and Body

Il mio cliente Antonio circondato dal suo elemento: l'acqua
Antonio e il beneficio a lunga durata

“I've never been interested in what shiatsu was, but when I heard about it from Agnese I was intrigued. Tried several spa treatments, all good but limited in duration to a few hours after the treatment itself.

With shiatsu, on the other hand, I noticed a long-lasting physical and mental improvement. The positive result in feeling good, especially mentally.

I am already recommending Agnese to my friends, to experience the same benefit and they are already having results.

People should know that shiatsu treatment helps clear the mind and that alone is sometimes enough to feel good. In this case, Agnese is a very good professional who knows how to put people at ease.”

Antonio Arboritanza

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