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Transforming My Pain into Serenity with Shiatsu: A Touching Testimonial

I've never hesitated to try shiatsu, perhaps because I felt desperate in my situation and needed to explore a new technique. I felt free to embrace this new experience.

What surprised me the most were bouts of tears and melancholy, which helped me immensely to release and let go.

Now, I feel more serene and light, unburdened by the weights I carried. I feel better, more serene. There is still emptiness, but now I also see the possibility of finding a new balance.

My nighttime rest has improved, and the minor pains and tensions I had accumulated are gradually fading away, thanks to Agnese's skilled hands.

It's not just her method, but also her way of speaking and presenting herself that have been very meaningful to me.

I would recommend shiatsu treatment to anyone; in fact, I'm already talking about it. Shiatsu makes you feel well—it's about living day by day in the maximum of serenity, and this sensation I can achieve through shiatsu and Agnese.

When I leave the studio, I feel emptied in the sense of truly feeling good. Light.

It's an experience to try. I started without expectations, trusting, and I truly felt good. Give it a try.

A 53-year-old woman, wife, and mother.

ps: If you'd like to delve deeper into the approach behind the method and technique, read "Giving meaning to life: how I found purpose in difficult times"

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