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Shiatsu as a journey towards inner awareness and emotional control

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

“I had always been intrigued by shiatsu, but was afraid of the cost. I felt uncertain and didn't know if I should try.

However, once I started the journey with Agnese, I experienced an inner stillness and the reduction of several pains.

What I have appreciated the most is the feeling of inner peace and awareness of my body.

It helped me become aware of myself and my emotions, taking me on a journey of inner discovery.

I recommend shiatsu to anyone who needs to guide their emotions and reach their inner awareness. Agnese is an extremely competent professional.

If you want to know more visit her testimonial section here on her blog."

Valeria Micotti

ps: giving meaning to life in difficult moments is possible if you know how to do it, read here

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