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Overcoming Fears: The Unexpected Benefits of Shiatsu

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I had a lot of hesitation about receiving a shiatsu treatment because I don't really like physical contact. The idea of being touched made me nervous, and I thought I would struggle to let go. The main obstacle was the preconception that I wouldn't gain any benefits due to my discomfort with physical contact.

Thanks to Agnese, I was able to let go and relax. The delicacy and empathy shown by Agnese brought me enormous benefits. I am undergoing medical therapy (post-tumor and for prevention) that has always caused unpleasant side effects like nausea, headaches, and fatigue. However, with shiatsu treatments, I no longer experienced these side effects.

Benefits of Shiatsu

In addition to all this, I experienced a profound sense of relaxation and was able to let go, which is difficult for me as I tend to be very controlling. I also felt a significant release of muscle tension.

I would recommend shiatsu treatment to anyone, especially those who need a moment for themselves to relax, particularly during stressful periods. The benefits of Shiatsu are comprehensive. My advice for those new to shiatsu is to let go without preconceptions and to be consistent, as the effects may not be immediate. Several treatments are needed, and it would be beneficial to repeat them periodically.

The thing I liked most was the atmosphere of the room: warm and welcoming, it was very important for me.

Silvia Topa Esposito

P.S.: Read the article on scientific research that demonstrates how Shiatsu can positively affect the well-being of cancer patients.


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